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Running for a cause

The Run Box Co-founder Annie has always set herself personal challenges. The latest is a worthy one…

Setting myself running challenges and goals has become par for the course over the last decade. I’ve had a streak of competitiveness through my life but mostly, the competition has been with myself!

As well as countless running events, I’ve even branched out to cycling events like Vietnam to Cambodia in 2019 and Mumbai to Goa in 2020, both around 500km in 35+ degrees with some crazy elevation.

Anyway, I’m not writing this just to boast I promise, ok maybe a little! But as I’m in my later years shall I say, these events are incredibly special to me and bring on a huge sense of achievement. For this reason, I’ve decided to continue to test my limits. In the month of February, I will run 100 miles over 28 days which means approximately 25 miles per week. I believe it is important to set realistic but tough goals and this is exactly that for me!

As we all know, many events/challenges/competitions are often linked to some fundraising activity and of course, I wanted this to be no different. Over the 25 years of my running, cycling & swimming events I have raised funds for a variety of charities close to my heart. They have supported causes including Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson’s & Guide Dogs. My February challenge a different one and is fundraising for Refuge, an organisation working to support women and children suffering from domestic abuse. 

In a world where we’re more physically isolated than ever, I felt this charity was extremely relevant. We are at the mercy of lockdown restrictions and charities like Refuge have had to adapt quickly to continue their amazing work. Shocking statistics such as the fact that an average of 2 women are killed by their partners each week in the UK confirmed my desire to do something for this organisation. 

A little history is that Refuge opened the world’s first safe house for women and children escaping domestic violence in Chiswick, West London in 1971. They still to this day provide life-saving and life-changing services for women and children. 

I love this challenge for my personal fitness goals and achievements but am also proud to be campaigning to support this charity. The running community has been so intertwined with charity work and long shall this continue. As part of the event, I plan to run a half marathon on the last day of February. With in-person events still affected by COVID-19 restrictions it feels so good to be working towards something and in turn, raising money and awareness of such a great cause. 

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