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Drink plants with Humble Warrior

The Run Box wanted to know how their Winter box partner brand Humble Warrior came to exist, what's important to them and how they advocate the power of plants! Here we go...

When did you launch Humble Warrior and why did you decide on functional fizzy drinks?
We launched hw in 2018. I was looking for plants I’d grown up with in Sri Lanka – and realised they were relegated to "alternative medicines" and the health aisles. When actually these are just natural, delicious, healthy ingredients - we should all have access to every day!

What does plant-based wellness mean to you?
There are over 300,000 edible plants in the world...yet we use just 3 plants for most of our eating and drinking. So for us plant based wellness is really about making plants the hero - so whatever we drink and eat is nutritious and positive for our health, and the planet. 

Tell us more about your business, brand, products and goals...
We’ve always advocated the power of plants. And our mission is to help people live happier, healthier lives - through functional plants that they can enjoy in their everyday diet. It’s all about making you feel “strong like a warrior” - healthy, fierce and humble - through delicious everyday drinks.

How important is Vitamin C to your overall health?
We use acerola cherry to give people 100% of their daily vit C in a single can of humble warrior. Our drinks will always be about making you feel strong and well. But that goal can extend to any number of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants. You’ll see more innovation from us in the new year! Watch this space. 

What challenges have you faced since starting Humble Warrior?
Too many to list! But it’s the start-up journey… as long as it is generally going in the right direction, our mantra is “onwards!”

As a fellow small business in the wellness industry, how important do you think nutrition and fitness are for people especially during these times?
 “Positive nutrition” - that’s products that do your mind and body good, and that aren’t just “not bad for you”… is absolutely where we see consumer expectations going. Health has moved up the hierarchy of needs and companies like ours are in a great place to give people the products they really want (and to be frank, deserve!)
Where can our subscribers and followers find more of your products?
Whole Foods Market, Selfridges, Chipotle, Citizen M Hotels, Hoxton Hotels… and more to come soon! Plus online at